I thrive in building and nurturing teams and talent, being a pillar on which colleagues can rely upon and look up to for direction as well as keeping myself humbled and surrounded by people who can teach and challenge me allowing me to continue curbing my skills and knowledge day after day.

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Art Direction. Motion Graphics. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, user interface and interactive design on integrated websites, microsites, rich media advertising, online marketing and email campaigns with high-level design for large-scale national and international consumer brands. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, user interface with high-level design for international financial and consumer brands.

Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, user interface with high-level design for international consumer brands. Concept development, art direction with high-level design for international consumer brands and enternainment industry clients. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, offline design and production for print, interactive design on integrated websites, microsites, rich media advertising, online marketing and email campaigns for large-scale national and international consumer brands.

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Do you need someone to help you with your projects? Drop a line! Email me at jim at additive. Proudly sponsored by. Protected: Spider-Man PS4. Ratchet and Clank PS4.

Die Komplettlösung für den Service

Handyman Mobile ermöglicht die mobile Auftragserfassung — etwa für neue Störungsmeldungen vor Ort. Darüber hinaus unterstützt die Kundendienst Software die verschiedensten Funktionen der mobilen Auftragsbearbeitung, wie mobile Zeiterfassung und auftragsbezogene mobile Datenerfassung. So gelingt mit der Service App die Erstellung einer vollständigen technischen und kaufmännischen Rückmeldung. Im Wartungsplan können einzelne Wartungstätigkeiten definiert werden. Dadurch lassen sich auch komplexe Wartungsprotokolle oder Instandhaltungsanleitungen einfach abbilden.

In das Wartungsprogramm integriert ist eine einfache Vorkalkulation und ein Vertragsmodul. Handyman ist aber nicht nur eine Instandhaltungssoftware oder Wartungssoftware zum Einsatz im Büro: Die im Büro erzeugten Aufträge werden in der mobilen Anwendung Handyman Mobile vom Techniker bearbeitet. Die Lösung für die mobile Instandhaltung erlaubt die mobile Datenerfassung direkt zu den im Wartungsplan definierten Wartungstätigkeiten: Der Techniker füllt mobil die Wartungsprotokolle in der App aus — inklusive Messwerten, Zählerständen, Fotos und Kommentaren.

Die App für die mobile Instandhaltung arbeitet nahtlos mit der Wartungssoftware im Büro zusammen. Die mobil erfassten Daten stehen direkt im Büro für Auswertungen zur Verfügung. Handyman bietet so eine umfassende Unterstützung für alle Prozesse im Service-Management bzw. Die mobile Software Handyman ist geeignet für verschiedene mobile Datenerfassungsgeräte wie Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks oder Industriegeräte.

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Die mobile Anwendung ermöglicht die Erfassung aller Daten, die für Dokumentation, Kalkulation und Abrechnung benötigt werden: Von der mobilen Fotodokumentation über die mobile Zeiterfassung und die mobile Bearbeitung von Checklisten bis hin zur mobile Auftragserfassung, der Erfassung des Materialverbrauchs und der mobilen Lagerverwaltung. Handyman Mobile bietet eine Vielzahl an Funktionen für die mobile Zeiterfassung. Je nach Anforderungen kann die Konfiguration der mobilen Anwendung so eingestellt werden, dass ganz unterschiedliche Modelle der Arbeitszeiterfassung möglich sind: Eine einfache Stempeluhr zum Buchen von Kommen und Gehen, die reine Betriebsdatenerfassung, eine lückenlose Arbeitszeiterfassung für die Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung, eine Auftragsdatenerfassung für die Verrechnung von Arbeitsstunden an den Kunden, eine Projektzeiterfassung oder beliebige Kombinationen dieser Modelle.

Die Zeiterfassung mit der mobilen Software Handyman kann je nach Lizenz und Konfiguration in einer Buchung verschiedene Details erfassen wie z. Nicht benötigte Felder können einfach ausgebledet werden. Je nach Rechtevergabe ist eine Zeiterfassung für andere Mitarbeiter ebenso möglich, wie eine effiziente Kolonnenbuchung für die zeitgleiche Erfassung der Arbeitszeiten einer ganzen Gruppe oder Kolonne.

The first pressure is a result of the blood pumping out of your heart and the second pressure is the heart at rest, between heart beats. The two pressures are represented by numbers called a blood pressure reading. It is written with two numbers as a ratio such as over The top or larger number is the systolic number. That number represents the arterial pressure when your heart beats. The bottom or smaller number is the diastolic number.

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That number represents the arterial pressure when the heart muscle is resting between beats and filling with blood. A normal pressure is less than over High blood pressure is a systolic reading between and and a diastolic reading between 90 and Tinnitus Control Review Mittwoch, Whatever the reason for its popularity, mold is a severe issue and not something to be taken lightly. If you come into contact with a toxic strand, it can be lethal for you and your family if it is not properly taken care of. Mold growth can form in as little as 48 hours, and the symptoms can start soon after that.

If you notice that you, or a member of your family, are starting to have breathing problems, headaches, or even an upset stomach, you may be experiencing the effects of mold.

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If these symptoms started shortly after your home received any form of water damage, then you are more than likely dealing with mold, and should probably look into getting a home mold inspection performed by a professional. Five of the main ideas for loft conversion include:Playroom - The beauty of a loft playroom is that you can have large windows and a lot of light in an easy-cleaning and warm room for your family.

Football Winner Dienstag, Although it is a general idea that fitness for soccer involves a good combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, it is also important to consider that every individual may require a different fitness and training needs. Of course, it may depend on your age, your abilities as well as the position you play in the game.

Of course, your desire to train is also a consideration in your training as well. Revitol Skin Tag Removal Dienstag, Turmeric helps to prevent the heart disease. The Stroke and heart attack are usually caused due to the clot formation in the arteries.

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It helps to reduce the blood platelets forming a clot and gives relaxation to blood vessels and prevents the heart attack. It also helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level in arteries. The presence of the curcumin compound it helps to increase the level of high density lipoprotein HDL which it helps to protect from heart disease.

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  4. Probio7 Review Dienstag, Tastes change as we age and foods that once were favorites may hold little appeal. The sheer act of cooking a meal may be exhausting physically as well as a reminder of the crushing loneliness that the person feels. They stop eating or in other cases may opt to only eat unhealthy snack foods once or twice a day. A protein supplement is a perfect way for the older adult to get good nutrition into their diet so that they can stay strong and healthy both mentally and physically.

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    The life expectancy for the average American has increased steadily in recent years, not only because of advances in medicine but in increased knowledge about the importance of good nutrition as well as physical and mental activity. There are many different types of protein supplements, however, liquid supplements might be far easier for the senior to manage and can be a faster way to get the most nutrition, including increased protein into their diet. The best of the liquid supplements are: protein shakes, powders and the liquid protein supplement shots.

    Protein shakes are ready to drink and come in the common flavors that the senior will be familiar with. They boost protein intake as well as a number of additional nutrients and can get the senior at least close to a healthy calorie intake for the day. In my dreams we will no longer wake up feeling stiff and sore. In my dreams we will no longer feel frustrated by the fact that we can't do what we had planned for the day. In my dreams we will no longer hate the fact that we have limitations. In my dreams we will not have days where life is lived in a fog. In my dreams we can wake refreshed and ready to face a day that's full of productivity and life.

    In my dreams we will not fear a cloudy day with a chance of rain. In my dreams we will not have to fight the enemy that is named depression. In my dreams we will not ever have tears that we cry because our body is wracked with pain. In my dreams the muscle spasms that plague our bodies will only be a vague remembrance.